From Melissa…   We can not believe that we have been dancing for two months already!  Recital information will be sent out via email mid-November.  Auto pay is now available via the parent portal and is debited from your credit/debit account on the 5th of the month.  Our Thanksgiving break is Wednesday, November 22nd until Sunday, November 26th.  Christmas break is Monday, December 25th until Sunday, January 7, 2018!!  Yes… 2018!           

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN and some classes are already filling up!  Registration is open until  February 1, 2018 for the 2017-2018 dance season.  After that date, registration will be closed until  June of 2018.   Your child must be registered to participate in our dance program.   Please read our guidelines carefully, as you indicated with your signature on your registration forms that you “read and understand the guidelines.”           

SPRING BREAK and VPK INFORMATION:  Remember to look at your dance calendar on the back page of your payment booklet and on our website.  Just because your VPK class is not in session does NOT mean that we are not having dance classes.  Our Spring Breaks are in accordance with your public school calendars.

2017 Recital… DVD’s were mailed to the address indicated on your order form on  June 26th.  Recital photos were also mailed  to the address indicated on your order form on June 26th by our photography company, Excellence from the Heart.  For questions concerning your 2017 photos, please contact Mark at 904-271-9582. 

Info. on classes…  If your dancer should miss a class or if your preschool is closed for any reason, your tuition is not pro-rated.   If your dancer does not dance or does not seem interested two weeks in a row, we will contact you to see if your dancer still wants to continue with dance classes.

What your dancer should be able to show you…  Remember each dancer is different!  We have comments from parents all of the time that they ask their dancer what they learned in dance class today and they get, “I don’t know”.  But then we get other comments stating that their dancer comes home and puts on their shoes to dance around the house all night long!  Which ever one your dancer is, we hope that the below terms and definitions will help. 

For our Ballet portion of class (we use the French method for arm and feet positions), your dancer should be able to show you the following:  

*Point and Flex.  Streching our feet/toes.  ‘Hello toes, goodbye toes’     

*1st position with their arms; hold a beach ball.  With their feet; heels are together and toes are apart, ‘V”.    

*2nd position with their arms; drop the ball/arms out to side. With their feet; jump out with feet shoulder width part.      

*3rd position with their arms; one arm above head with hand curved over head “wave to the crowd”, other arm out to the side straight.       

*4th position with their arms; one arm above head with hand curved over head, other arm out front like “petting our dog or cat –  hold”.   

*5th position with their arms; both arms above head to “make the sun”.       

*Arabesque is our “elephant”; one arm extended at an angle like a “trunk” the other arm pointed down like a “tail”.  The same leg/foot pointing outward.        

*Bourre’ is our train, choo-choo… walking on toes.        

*Plie’ (demi – small/half bend, grand – big/full bend), feet in 1st position while bending knees.  Back is straight with head high.     

*Releve’ is our “elevator”, which floor are you going on?  Feet in 1st position while raising up on your toes.  Eleve up, Eleve down.    

*Rond de jambe is us being rabbits in a garden.  Circling of the leg; point your toes to the front, side and back.     

*Tendu is pointing of the toes. 

For our Tap portion of class, your dancer should be able to show you their jazz hand/arm; tapping toes to front, side and back; be able to show you their top taps from their heel taps on their shoes; shuffle (put the bug on their toes and swing them… not too high) – shuffle step – shuffle hop step.  Look for more information to come!

Are you remembering their dance attire?  Please remember their dance attire on your dancer’s dance day!  Students are really excited to get dressed up in their dance attire on dance day.  When your child does not have their dance attire, they might feel out of place and they might not want to participate with the class.  You can purchase ballet and tap apparel at:  Once Upon a Child, Target and Wal-Mart.  Payless Shoe Stores offer ballet and tap shoes. 

Some of our dance time is used to change your dancer into and out of their clothes.  Please make sure that if your dancer’s class is in the morning, to have them dressed for class.  Your dancers name or initials should be on every item that your dancer takes with them to dance class.  We prefer that your dancer wears a pull over dress on dance day to avoid multiple items possibly being misplaced.  Less items for your dancer and us to keep track up!